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"Scents of Pleasure (Hers)" Decant Pack


"Scents of Pleasure (Hers)" Decant Pack
(3 in the pack - Regular price is $12.00):

Après l’Ondée – Guerlain   
Evoking a stroll through dewy underbrush, it opens with pale almondy violet notes, and then becomes more haunting as the iris note starts to emerge. Aniseed and carnation, then herbs - thyme, rosemary and sage round out this heavenly and very discreet fragrance.
Maharanih  - Patricia de Nicolaï 
A crisp orange is the top note, which then changes into a wonderfully elegant and soft mix of rose and incense, but still with a dry, not sweet, orange backdrop. Very sophisticated, and very feminine.
Tocade – Rochas   
A luscious floral Oriental with a brilliant heart of rose and vanilla notes - you have to smile and feel happy when you wear Tocade.

Price: $10.50