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Seductive – Medieval times - August 13, 2012 New Fragrance Listing


Photo: Courtesy of Silive

We all bring expectations to perfumes – assumptions based on a ‘nose’ or the reputation of the house. After all, you need some kind of guidelines in the fragrance world. That’s why it took me a while to get around to Boadicea the Victorious. Quite simply, I didn’t get the concept. The story, the name, the presentation -  the medieval-looking flacons with intricate Celtic designs and the bound-for-battle figure stamped on metal plates adhered to the glass. These are scents from a different time.

Imagine a time where there were no high rise concrete buildings, no paved roads, no cars, no plastic, no computers, no scented shampoos, deodorants or dryer sheets. Imagine a time when people smelled of trees, lakes, earth, grass, animals, fire, fur, sweat and each other. Before the information age, there was the iron age and once you cast your mind back to that time, the frags from Boadicea the Victorious not only make sense, they are compelling.

We’ve written about Complex and  Warrioress, two very unique fragrances from Boadicea the Victorious but what has brought me back to the line was the connection Esther made on her blog between the perfume house and Game of Thrones. That’s what made me pull my bottle of Seductive out of the drawer.

Like her sisters, she’s a bold, powerful girl. Yes that’s right, if we assign gender to frags, and sometimes we do, then Seductive is a woman. Not that she’s necessarily a woman’s scent – it would smell great on a man and is billed as unisex. But it’s the unexpected surprise of this very physical, wanton fragrance on a woman that gives it power and makes it a real man-catcher.

The scene is set with its unusual opening notes of pungent rosemary and camphourous balsam warmed and sweetened by the vanilla ice-cream aspect of benzoin resin. I smell a cool bed of needles on the forest floor on a warm night that breathes promise. As it evolves, musk appears, reminding us that we are all animals and ambergris seals the deal making Seductive deeper and warmer. I want to howl at the full moon and roll around in the dirt with someone. Gentle jasmine adds an exotic floral note that rescues Seductive from becoming too dark, too heavy. At the base, there is potent patchouli, all earthy and musty along with oakmoss - all of it softened by sandalwood for a rich dense drydown that reads ‘anytime, anywhere.’

There is no flirtation here, no girlish games, no teasing – it is the point of no return, and for that reason, Seductive doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Seductive is carnal, primal and feral, which is not to say that it isn’t well-crafted. It is  deftly made and nuanced using expensive ingredients put together in a way that strips your conscience bare, bypassing the ‘thinking’ part of the brain and flicking on the ‘impulsive’ switch. It’s all about sniffing, touching, licking, sucking and rutting.

There's a full moon coming up soon - what are you waiting for?

Today, we’re adding Seductive to our decant listing. Decants are $6.00.