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A quick check with Wikipedia confirms Shambhala as the mythical kingdom in Tibetan Buddhist tradition where Buddha’s teachings are said to be preserved, a place of eternal peace and happiness and youthful prosperity.
As I enter Shambhala, I’m greeted with a sun-warmed accord of sweet apples on trees, supremely indolic white flowers, and ripe full-blooming roses, dense, narcotic and luscious. The mesmerizing sexy-sweet floral scent leads me up the mountain path and into another layer of enticing scent. Saffron spice, smoky black tea and cedarwood rise from the village and swirl and waft with trails of Tibetan incense from the temple.
Woody, balsamic, bitter, earthy, pungent, this unique incense made by the saffron-robed monks is woven through life in Shambhala, a partner in daily prayer and ritual that comforts, restores, and heals body and soul. In the temple, the sweet floral and incense accords are melded together, softened and warmed with Himalayan amber, tobacco, and velvety animalic musk notes, making all who enter fall under the spell of the chanting monks and surrender peacefully to  mystical power of Shambahla.
Shambhala creates the scent of a hidden place on Earth. It smells sweet and earthy and natural, grounded in the earth, the here-and-now, the smell of living things living beautifully together. But as it dries down and becomes richer from the addition of the smoky incense, animalic and amber notes, it smells spiritual, more ancient and timeless, a mythical place where time stands still and harmony and serenity reign. It really does exist. All you have to do is close your eyes, inhale slowly through your nose, and Shambhala takes you there.
If you can imagine a marriage between Shalimar pure parfum and Timbuktu, then you might get close to the idea of Shambhala. In my opinion, Eugene Au from Auphourie has created another stunning fragrance so if you’re drawn to Oriental florals, and what truly obsessed perfume-lover isn’t, you should definitely give Shambhala a try. Don’t rely on your imagination.
Notes: Himalayan apple, snow lotus, Tibetan tea, rose, night-blooming jasmine, Tibetan incense, tobacco, Himalayan amber, smoke, civet, castoreum, Tonquin musk
Type: Parfum Extrait - Limited Edition
Parfumeur: Eugene Au

Price: $9.00