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I tried Giorgio Armani Si after reading Luca Turin’s review in The Perfume Guide 2018, in which he rated it as 4 Stars. I probably would never have sampled it otherwise. After testing it a couple of times, I couldn’t resist buying a small bottle to wear this summer, which has been so hot and humid. Si smells wonderful regardless of the Humidex. 

What are the notes? Si opens with a zesty rush of citrus, bergamot and mandarin on top of blackcurrent (cassis) liqueur, very feminine, fresh and sweet, on the verge of girly. It smells luscious, round and curvy, flirty. Ooh la la! But the girly facet subsides as the floral notes develop – bold rose de mai, jasmine and freesia with a touch of indolic funk, narcotic orange blossom – resulting in a sensuous vibrant accord, a whirl of fruit and flowers delicately scented with a gourmand vanilla. Si now smells more confident rather than girly, chic rather than flirty. 

The perfume’s complexity is revealed in the base as the heart accord begins to fade after an hour or so. Aromatic masculine elements such as dry patchouli, blond woody notes, amber and musks perfectly contrast with and balance the feminine accord, building depth and a subtle seductive power. The florals become more airy, the base accord hums, and luminous musks and vanilla notes at the end create a creamy elegance that sits on the skin for hours. 

Si was a surprise, feminine, soft and powerful, sensuous, elegant, right down to the bottle design with the distinctive sculpted black cap. 

Notes: Bergamot, mandarin, blackcurrent liqueur, Rose de Mai, neroli, jasmine, freesia, patchouli, woods, amber, Orcanox, vanilla

Type; EdP

Parfumeurs: Christine Nagel with Julie Masse

Price: $5.00