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Maria Candida Gentile, the perfumer, describes herself as a poet, a poet who expresses herself with a “vocabulary filled with dancing molecules.” Sideris was “born during a walk along a Mediterranean beach in Liguria (Italy) at night. The moment was so beautiful that one could feel like floating in the air, between the sea and the stars in the sky. It is purely poetic fragrance. –
Sideris is a scent that opens into darkness. Notes of frankincense, labdanum (rock rose) myrtle and saffron weave into a masterful accord of resin, herbs and spice, an inspired opening which sets the mood of dark tones. For the first five minutes, this mix of aromatic notes hovers in perfect balance, and to my nose, smells fascinatingly rich but not heavy or powdery. I can smell the night air, the sea and sand, the scented herbs and grasses, it’s like my own memory.
As I sit and enjoy its intoxicating waft, it begins to change… A vibrant spicy rose starts to come forward out of the shadows, richly floral rose scented with a honeyed undertone, slightly sharp and very alive. The resinous herbal notes pull back into the shadows and spicy red-rose sweetness is now the waft that intrigues my nose. Sideris is still rich but less dark, and has a lightness to it that seems to float. It all smells so real, so here-and-now – am I in some kind of romantic dream?
In the dry-down, incense is deepened by sandalwood, myrrh and benzoin, a creamy- ambery- woody accord with hints of smoke, which echoes the resin notes from the opening but which forms the perfect base for the rose, reflecting its lush feminine beauty as it slowly opens to the dawn light and the stars fade. Out of the darkness of night comes light, warmth, beauty.
Sideris is a very modern vision of rose, inspired by a midnight walk, created by a poet, and definitely not a rose for old ladies.
Notes: Frankincense, Cistus Labdanum, Corsican Myrrh, White Pepper, Saffron, Turkish Rose, Rose Ayrshire Splendens,Sandalwood, Benzoin, Waxed Woods
Parfumeur: Maria Candida Gentile

Price: $5.00