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"St. Perfumeniche" Decant Pack


Find your Holy Grail scent in the St.Perfumeniche Gift Pack – 4 of our favourite fragrances for $12.00 + shipping!

Passage d’Enfer – L’Artisan Parfumeurs-  Created by Olivia Giacobetti, this blend of incense, frankincense, lily and white musk is the scent of a cool, old stone church walls built around a dark soul.
Notes: woods,incense, lily, white musk

Field Notes from Paris – Ineke - At the base, tonka bean and vanilla give it a soft sweetness while leather gives it rich warmth. This is not a harsh, strong scent, but warm and mellow.
Notes: Bergamot, orange flower, coriander seed, tobacco, patchouli, cedar, tonka bean, vanilla, leather

Après l'Ondée – Guerlain - The slightly spicy scent wafts by your nose enticingly as the day goes by.
 This fragrance is a soft spicy floral, and one of the all time greats.
 Notes: soft mimosa and violets, herbs, powdery iris

L’Air du désert marocain - Tauer perfumes
Dry, exotic, sensuous   - for me it conjures visions of a spectacular sunset on the Sahara Desert, with Bedouin tents in silhouette
Notes: coriander, orange, rose, cedar, vetiver, incense


Price: $12.00