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Summer scented days – Some of our favourite summer fragrances – June 15, 2016.

At the Beach - Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, Ontario -

Kay:       Summer is here again, Gwen. Long hot days, cool drinks, cooking and eating outside.

Gwen:  I love it! I can smell summer in the air.

Kay:       I think that’s because I’m wearing it – you’re smelling one of my summer scents! I’ve brought a few for us to sniff and swoon over.

Gwen:  Ohhh, my favourite part of summer! Those beach scents, those suntan scents, those summer cocktail scents…even when I’m working at my desk, they transport me to tropical paradise.

Kay:       And I love those summer garden scents, too!

Gwen:  So, what are you wearing, what did you bring? I’ve got a few of mine here we can try.

Kay:       OK!  Let’s get started. Here’s mine:

Bronze Goddess

Just a glance at old summer photos, and I can smell salt water, hot sand, and suntan lotion on sweaty sun-baked skin at the end of a long day at the beach. Nothing is like that smell, except maybe Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess.

There’s something primal in this fragrance that makes me smile, relax and go ahhhhhh.  Maybe it’s the inspired mix of tiare flower, which is a tropical gardenia, mixed with smooth warm golden amber and salty musk. Whatever it is, it does the same thing to those around me who catch a whiff of its sinuous sillage. This is a “What are you WEARING!!” kind of fragrance which can turn a domestic goddess into a bronze goddess with just a couple of spritzes. At least, it does that for me …..

Monoï, Eau des Vahinés

There aren’t many notes listed for this limited edition EdT, but right out of the bottle, the notes are all there. First is the tiare, the gardenia and tuberose mix, sweet and exotic, sharpened just a little with ylang-ylang, the “poor man’s jasmine” which adds a slight greenish edge to the sweetness. It starts softening as the coconut note comes up, and the creamy nutty smoothness makes the white florals float like angels wings. The almost linear development changes in the dry-down as the vanilla darkens with a rummy smoky aspect. Mixed with the coconut and the vanilla, the tiare note and wisp of ylang-ylang form a perfect skinscent, clean and clear, not too loud, not too mai-tai, beachy or sun-tanny. Monoi, Eau de Vahines is tropical perfection.

 Tomato Leaf

Tomato Leaf has a casual vibe that makes it a perfect summer fragrance for both men and women. It also has a unique olfactory twist, and that’s the tomato leaf note interpreted by perfumer Michael Boadi, which make it much more than just one note. (Tomato leaf has a green astringent scent with a bitter pine facet). Tomato Leaf opens with a divine accord of rooty carrot seed, green tomato, and zesty ripe orange, then soft florals in the heart, freesia, jasmine and peachy osmanthus slowly flow into water lilies, green, watery and not too sweet. The dry down is a light and musky with a hint a coconut but still green and a little earthy.  I think the only people who won’t like Tomato Leaf are those who don’t like tomatoes. Too bad - they’ll never know what they’re missing.

Gwen: Amen to that! And these are my mine:

Ensoleille Moi - Tiaré (a/k/a Tahitian gardenia) and coconut combine to create that familiar note of sunscreen used on French beaches. Ylang-ylang adds another floral dimension. As it blooms on the skin, it gets deeper, creamier and lush. At the drydown, vanilla gives it a bit of sweetness, salicylates add a sea-saltiness. It is the smell of sun-kissed shoulders and salty kisses.

Terracotta Le Parfum - Notes of coconut and tiare are a nod to suntan lotions for sure, but have been elevated to such an elegance, they make Terracotta Le Parfum much more than a beach scent. The heart of rich, floral exotic ylang ylang is sweet, narcotic and fleshy. At the base, musk warms and softens the richness of the heart while a touch of Guerlain’s signature vanilla gives it a soft sweetness. Terracotta Le Parfum is much more than a beach scent. It’s a sophisticated and chic summer scent that I adore.

Batucada – Every summer vacay has to have a cocktail, that’s how Batucada got on the list.The L’Artisan web site says that Batucada is “Refreshing as a cocktail, sexy as a Brazilian dance.” Well, what are we waiting for?  Batucada opens fresh and green from citrusy lime and herbaceous mint leaves, that leads straight to a sumptuous floral heart of rich tiare flower and fragrant ylang ylang that highlight cachaça, a sugar cane rum. This is a nod to the caipirinha, the national cocktail of Brazil . I’ve never had a caipirinha, but if it tastes as good as this juice smells, well, I’m gonna be having a few of these over the summer!

Kay:       Talking about Batucada makes me want a cool cocktail.

Gwen:  I can’t make a caipirinha, but I happen to have a nice bottle of dry bubbly on ice. Shall we?

Kay:       We shall. To summer!

Gwen:  To summer!

Click on the links, and try scenting some of your summer days with some of our summer favourites. We think you’ll like them.