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Sycomore - A worthwhile wait.... - September 3, 2012 New Product Listing

I have poor impulse control when it comes to perfumes mostly because it doesn’t take me long to know if I like a frag or not – what Nancy Salter of Saltridge’s calls the ‘yum or yuck’ method. Admittedly, there have been times when I have changed my mind and revisited something I had kicked to the back of my psyche and later found it to be FBW, but I can’t think of a time when I have had buyer’s remorse.

Impulses aside, there are some fragrances that while they are FBW on first sniff somehow are worthy of more than just slapping down the plastic and taking it home. Some frags deserve to be valued because the pleasure of them is worth waiting for, worth deserving, worth earning.
Sycomore by Chanel was like that for me. I knew the first time I smelled it on my skin that I was going to buy a bottle of it, but I wanted to assign it a special value. I wanted to make it a prize or a reward so that when I did finally buy it, it would mark something personal to me – losing the last, or first, ten pounds, mastering dancer’s pose, perfecting macarons. I wanted the wearing of it to be meaningful for me so that it would be an important part of my life for a long time.

From this point on it’s all about the anticipation – maybe next month, maybe this week, maybe today is the day - because waiting, like wet wool, can be comfortably painful. Finally, the day comes when Sycomore is mine, to smell, to wear and to have whenever I want. What makes the wait so worthwhile?

It opens with a nose-tickling freshness from aldehydes and camphoric juniper berries. A gentle hint of rose adds a floral richness. Suddenly, there’s a note of mouth-puckering grapefruit, which at first seems out of place, but is really a facet of the vetiver that lies at the heart of Sycomore. As it blooms on the skin, the vetiver shows off all its aspects – rooty, smoky, woody, anisic, balsamic – which is why it often smells differently every time you wear it. Did you catch a whiff of the rooty phase, balsamic phase or the smoky phase? Cypress is at the heart too, giving it a piney, spicy, freshness making it dark green and pungent. A woody base of sandalwood that softens it and refines it without diminishing it.

I suppose it’s the load of dry vetiver along with the lack of rich, opulent florals in Sycomore that made marketers decide it was a ‘masculine’ scent - and it is a great masculine scent, no question about it, but it is so refined and rich that any woman could carry it off.

And while I waited to buy it, I suggest you be impulsive and try it.

Today, we’re adding Sycomore to our decant listing. Decants are $5.00