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Tabacco – The last frag I want to smell before I die - September 10, 2012 New Fragrance Listing

Photo: Wikipedia, Wouter van Emmerik

When I read on Esther’s blog that tobacco is “one of this season's hot (so to speak) notes.” I was pretty happy. Tobacco has so many facets – warm, honeyed, smoky – that it’s always interesting to see how different perfumers treat it.

But when I clicked on the link that showed decants with tobacco notes offered here at the niche, I noticed something missing. Sure there are tons of frags listed with tobacco notes, but what was missing was a tobacco perfume. That’s going to change today with the addition of Tabacco by Odori. I mean, this isn’t just a note in a frag, this is a rich, gorgeous bottle of tobacco-topia.

I first started to notice Tabacco on blogs shortly after it came out in 2008. Here’s some of what I saw:

This is a comment from Basenotes:

 “A new found fave!
I am unable to pry my nose from my wrist. !!! as we speak!!!”

Then there’s this from Badger and Blade:

One of my ultimate tests: As pricey as this sh*t is, would I replace it when I run out?


And this from 1000 Scents:

“…[if] you are looking for a truly excellent (if appallingly expensive) tobacco scent, in which case I have saved you the trouble of looking any further. Tabacco is a wonderful thing.

Reading about it made me want to lick the monitor, sniffing it made me want to own it. This would take a little time because Odori, the niche Italian perfume line launched by Enzo Galardi (of Bois 1920 fame) in 2008, it is not exactly mass market and is hard to find. But what a sweet reward it is for all your troubles.

Inspired by the tobacco-scented hands of women who roll cured tobacco leaves into cigars, Tabacco opens with orange – at first sweet, then bitter before being joined by earthy, sweet, smoky, potent incense. It smells thick, deep and rich – and these are just the top notes! - and could almost be too much, but for the freshness that camphorous eucalyptus gives it. It just pulls you right in, and you let it. At the heart jasmine, narcotic and indolic, gives it an exotic floral dimension while vetiver gives it an earthy woodiness. At the base, tobacco appears, not harsh but aromatic and warm, its honey aspect heightened and sweetened by vanilla and given depth by oakmoss.

As fab as this is, and it is FAB, it’s the drydown that makes you lose all restraint – resinous, sweet, woody and fresh. And while it is categorized as a men’s fragrance, the sweetness and freshness definitely make it suitable for a woman.

How good is Tabacco by Odori? So good that it's the last frag I want to smell before I die.

Today, we’re adding Tabacco to our decant listing. Decants are $5.00.