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Launched in 2000, by L’Artisan, Tea for Two is a smoky, spicy scent with a sensuality that suits both women and men beautifully.

It opens with citrusy bergamot and bitter from gentian, tempered with a light floral note from orange blossom - which puts me in mind of perfumed teas. Green anise seeds add a fresh herbal brightness.  As it blooms, a note of smoky tea appears which has a tarriness to it that gives Tea for Two it a hint of that same smouldering rubber vibe as Bulgari Black. The fall-on-your-knees smokiness just curls around your psyche, taking you places you can’t get to any other way. Just when you think you’ll unpack your suitcase and stay awhile, the smokiness settles back a little -  just enough to allow it to be warmed by fresh, succulent ginger and spiced with cinnamon, while the anise, which has been hovering in the background, makes a comeback. Rich honey and exotic vanilla at the base sweeten it, giving it a creaminess so that it never becomes acrid or sharp, while gaiac wood, vanilla’s good friend, gives it an irresistible resinous, smokiness.

The drydown is surprisingly vibrant, despite its dark, warm rich notes which gives Tea for Two a sensuality that feels cozy and it smells fantastic!

This is one excellent brew, and one I would hate to have to do without, yet I may have to as I hear through the niche-vine that Tea for Two has been discontinued.

But let’s not dwell on lost frags – let’s just enjoy them while we got ‘em!

Notes: bergamot, gentian, orange blossom, green anise seeds, cinnamon, ginger, smoky tea, honey, vanilla, gaiac  wood

Type: EdT

Parfumeur: Olivia Giacobetti

Price: $5.00