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Launched in 2103 by beach-inspired costume and silver jewelry house Réminiscence, Tonka is an olfactory ode to the Tonka bean.  

It opens with nose-twitching note of bitter bergamot followed by a soft liquorice note from anise warmed by spicy clove. The first time I smelled this opening I was not ready for the knee-knocking effect it would have on me. In fact, I still have to hold on to something when I spritz it. But even that opening did not prepare me for what follows: a note of sweet honey so thick and gooey you’d expect it to ooze, not spray, out of the bottle. A note of jasmine adds a floral dimension - a reminder that bees make honey from flowers. As it blooms it gets  gorgeously balsamic from labdanum lifted by a hint of bitter almond. The honey fades but never really disappears, even at the base where it is joined by Tonka bean. Here Tonka gets a little powdery while vanilla adds a gourmand sweetness, and musk makes it warm and animalic.

The drydown is rich, smooth and with just enough sweetness to hit the sweet spot without going outside the line.

Réminiscence fragrances aren’t complicated, reflecting the beach-style of the brand. Often they are one-note-wonders, like Tonka. This is a chic representation of all aspects of the Tonka bean – the clove, the almond, the vanilla - especially its balmy, warm sweetness. Tonka is perfect for cooler weather, which is why these days I keep my bottle on the nightstand by my bed. I love waking up to the smell of it.

Notes; bergamot, anise, clove, jasmine, honey, labdanum, bitter almond, Tonka bean, vanilla, musk.

Type: EdT

Parfumeur: Fabrice Pellegrin

Price: $5.00