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Travel Notes – October 5, 2016

Alitalia 747

I just got an email from a dear friend. She and her husband have just booked a flight and an apartment in Vienna for Christmas – might we be available to join them for the holidays she asked?

Oh, to be in Vienna at Christmas! The street markets full of wooden toys and decorations, Christmas concerts, roasted chestnuts, mulled wine and ice-skating – all shared with good, dear friends. It’s an enticing offer but one I have to refuse because nothing compares to spending the Christmas holidays with my friends and family here at home.

Still, the invitation got me thinking about some of the vacations I’ve spent with friends and family over the years – a farmhouse in Devon, a flat in the south of France, an apartment in Venice – and all the fun and good times I’ve had with them in those places.

When I’m feeling wistful, as I am today, there’s always scent involved. Here are a few of the scents that trigger memories for me:

Blasted Heath – by Alberto Morillas for Penhaligon’s. Memory: There are few things worse than barking dogs and crowing cocks on the morning after a night when you’ve drunk a teensy, weensy bit too much.

Fou d’Absinthe – by Olivia Giacobetti for L’Artisan Parfumeur. Memory: How much I love trying new things.

Venezia Giardini Segreti – by Abdes Salaam Attar for La Via del Profumo. Those morning bells from the Frari calling people to mass after a night when you’ve drunk a teensy, weensy bit too much.

Vol 870 YUL-CDG – by Isabelle Michaud for Monsillage. Memory: Direct flights to Paris are always the best.

Click on the links to read my stories about these memorable fragrances. Maybe you’ll be inspired to try them and stir up some of you own travel memories.