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Traversée du Bosphore


Traversée du Bosphore - Crossing the Bosphorus. Interesting name for a perfume, I think, kinda different for L’Artisan, is it supposed to be a Turkish fragrance? The Sales Assistant tells me it's gourmond oriental - supposed to be like Turkish Delight.
The top notes on my skin are saffron, leather that’s buttery soft suede not horsehide, an iris accord that smells dry and slightly smoky – I’m loving it. But soon the fruits appear- I absolutely smell apple and a bit of pear, I think. After 30 minutes or so, the sweetness starts to come out and the aroma of the pink rosey, nutty softness of the Turkish Delight dusted with powdered sugar takes over.
The amazing thing about this gourmand stage is the sheer lightness of the scent – this isn’t Serbe Lutens thick syrupy Rahat Loukham, (a scrubber for me!) – this wafts serenely. Later the vanilla and musk give Traversée du Bosphore more weight but it is still a soft luminous scent, with hints of leather and smokey incense returning to tease your nose through the drydown.

Notes : Tobacco smoke, apple, pomegranate, tulip, iris, leather, saffron, Turkish delight accord (rose lemon and almond or pistachio), vanilla, musks.
Type: EdT
Parfumeur: Bertrand Duchaufour

Price: $5.00