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WOW! This opening is animalic, carnal almost, pungent but dry and green all at the same time, a bitter sweetness that’s intoxicating and so complex I have no idea what I’m smelling. All I know is that I’ve never smelled this accord before. I read the box-notes and see that this accord is built on the cassie flower note, mixed with mimosa, violet, and indolic jasmine – it’s strange, disturbing, voluptuous and incredibly beautiful.

 After a few minutes a powdery, nutty sweetness develops, with hints of leather and clove spice which remind me of carnation, and the scent keeps expanding into the heart of the scent, softening with notes of rose and honey. When the drydown is in full swing I smell rich sandalwood, cedar and warm musk.

Une Fleur de Cassie is a surprise. The cassie flower (acacia farnesiana) as used by Ropion in the central accord is unnerving, so this is one of those scents that some people will never warm to. It reminds me of  Guerlain’s Àpres l’Ondée, one of my truly favourite scents, but this is Àpres l’Ondée with raging hormones. It smells shockingly dirty at the opening and into the heart, slowly evolving into a warm skin scent that is elegantly chic, but always with a dark undertone.

Notes: Cassie, Mimosa, Jasmine, Clove, Cumin, Bergamot, Rose, Violet, Apricot, Aldehyde, Salicylate, Musk Cetone, Cedarwood, Sandalwood.
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Dominique Ropion


Price: $9.00