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Vaniglia Piccante


Launched in 2012 by Erbario Toscano, the Tuscan-based producer of beauty products, perfumes and home fragrances, Vaniglia Piccante has become a Holy Grail vanilla fragrance for me.
Vaniglia Piccante opens with a note of deep, rich, creamy caramel. Nutmeg warms the caramel, making it sensuous and inviting, while thyme adds a spicy, green dimension. Cistus extends the herbal aspect of the thyme while eucalyptus echoes the camphorous aspect of it. The opening is sweet, to be sure, but the nutmeg, thymus, cistus and eucalyptus work with the caramel letting the sweetness shine rather than hijacking the fragrance. As it settles on my skin, the fruity, floral smell of peach blossom emerges. It just smells pretty. But the heart is all about wood: sweet, wood-faceted patchouli, camphorous-tinged cedarwood, rich, aromatic sandalwood and wood-faceted cistus work together to create a 'wood' note that isn't bossy or overtaking; instead, it's quietly beautiful. A gentle wafting smokiness from incense adds a bit of seduction to Vaniglia Piccante. The seduction continues through with the base where spicebush keeps the classic pairing of sweet, resinous amber and Bourbon vanilla warm and inviting. The choice of Bourbon vanilla is genius because of its rich, deep, creamy and sweet character, so it loops right back to the top note of caramel, which means the irresistible scent of vanilla never really disappears from any stage of the fragrance. White musk locks it all in.

The drydown is sweet, warm and sophisticated from the powdery aspect of amber.

Vaniglia Piccante translates to ‘Spicy Vanilla’ in English, so I had high expectations for what this vanilla fragrance would be like, and I was not disappointed. This is not just a vanilla-lover’s vanilla, it’s for anyone who enjoys wearing a fabulous fragrance.

Notes: Caramel, nutmeg, French thyme, Spanish cistus, Chinese eucalyptus, Indonesian patchouli, Texas cedar, Peach blossom, Indian sandalwood, Somalian frankincense, Spanish cistus, white musk, amber and Bourbon vanilla.

Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Egisto Bertozzi


Price: $5.00