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"Vanilla Faves" Decant Pack


Vanilla Faves Decant Pack – 4 decants, 1 ml. each for $14.00, regular $17.00

Experience vanilla as you've never smelled it before!


La VanigliaBois 1920

Spicy, boozy, deep, dark and earthy, this could make a good girl be bad!

Vanille IntenseNicolaï Parfums

A mix of sweet/green/earthy notes with Vanilla Bourbon absolue resting on a sensuous base of woods, amber, musk and patchouli, and also irresistably dark and earthy.

VaniliaL’Artisan Parfumeur

Citrus and florals with vanila, light and airy with hints of warm spice. Vanilla like you never dreamed ot could smell.


Dark, warm and rich, nobody does Vanilla and Amber like Guerlain! This is what makes Shalimar so magical, even after all these years..






Price: $14.00