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Launched in 1989 by Italian fashion house Etro, Vetiver is an outstanding vetiver fragrance – one of the best out there.

It opens with a bitter bite from bergamot and artemisia, that’s backed with green, herbaceous clary sage. The Artemisia threads the opening and gives it a vodka/vermouth booziness. It’s a potent start but petitgrain softens it perfectly with its floral-woody aspect. Soon, the heart opens up and it is vetiver joy! It smells damp and woody and earthy. Like damp leaves on an autumn day. There is iris here that adds to the earthy, rootiness. Both Haitian and Bourbon vetiver are here  - to me Haitian is cooler and cleaner, while the Bourbon is warmer and has a smoky facet.  Together they give the fragrance some elegance and refinement without compromising the dirtiness of the vetiver. Just the way that Guaiac wood adds a soft floral note to the vetiver. At the base, I smell amber sweetness and hay from tobacco flower.

The drydown is woody, rooty and camphourous…but not coarse or rough so that’s it is perfectly unisex.

Notes: clary sage, artemisia, bergamot, petitgrain, iris, vetiver, Guaiac wood, amber, tobacco flower

Type: EdT

Parfumeur: Jacques Flori

Price: $5.00