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Launched in 2018 by FZOTIC, the umbrella brand for fragrances, art, and home goods from American self-taught perfumer Bruno Fazzolari, Vetiverissimo EdP is my current vetiver crush.

Fazzolari says there are no top notes and only lists spice, vetiver, cedar, resins, woods. Let me tell you – it's enough.

On me, the opening is fresh and green and sparkling, with just a whiff of vetiver smokiness and dustiness. In time, it gets earthy - not dirty, but clean and light - it's subtly warmed by spices that if I'm being honest with myself, and you, I couldn't name. The warmth surrounds the woods: a balsamy note of cedar and milky, green-tinged sandalwood that lingers for hours.

Vetiverissimo is, in fact, a soliflore – what you smell at the start is pretty much what it stays like, and that's what I like about it. In a way, it's simple, but that simplicity leaves room for pleasure.

Don't get me wrong, I still love the pungent complexity of vetiver – it's dirtiness, its darkness, its deepness, its raw earthiness, but Vetiverissimo is showing us a different vetiver. Vetiverissimo ticks all the vetiver boxes, but Fazzolari's elegant approach results in a mellow, easy-going, casual vetiver without any big drama right to the drydown. And that, dear reader, is what makes it irresistible.

Notes: spice, vetiver, cedar, resins, woods

Type: EdP

Parfumeur:  Bruno Fazzolari


Price: $7.00