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White Diamonds

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I own Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds – it’s a classic retro-style  chypre which was launched in 1991, full of soft soapy aldehydes at the top and drying down into a warm floral-woody musk with just a hint of bad girl. It's darned good, and I love the tall bottle with its diamond collar.
The adehydes at the top burst out like soapy bubbles from a bubble machine, shimmering with iridescence, which burst right away, and leave a scented trail of sweet white florals. The florals soon become musky and powdery, with a hint of mossy dank woods as it warms up on the skin. The drydown is linear but deepens with the addition of amber and more woods, the sillage is soft and subtle.
Is White Diamonds challenging, daring? No, I call it classic and lovely, with a rich beauty that radiates, just like Elizabeth Taylor's. It's a pleasure to wear, from start to finish.
Notes: Lily, verdi (greens), rose, narcissus, jasmine , tuberose, oakmoss, sandalwood
Type: EdT
Parfumeur: Carlos Benaïm

Price: $5.00