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Cuoio is one of six fragrances in the Odori line which  was launched in 2008 by Enzo Galardi. He is also the nose behind niche line Bois 1920. The Odori line was inspired by the scents of the city of Florence and the stories behind its history, streets and squares.

Bergamot and citrus at the opening give Cuoio a conventional start, but soon warm, spicy ginger appears along with bitter green vetiver. Ylang ylang shows up to give it a floral note, while honey adds just a note of sweetness which balances the bitterness. This gorgeous heart is a real show stopper! At the base, amber, birch tar and patchouli combine to give it a leathery, earthy, dry woods finish.

Cuoio is a leather scent, but it is not the smell of leather whips, strapping or clothing. It’s more complex than that – and more sensual. Cuoio is a true original.

Notes: bergamot, orange, honey, ylang ylang,  vetiver, ginger, amber, birch tar and patchouli

Type: EDT  

Parfumeur: Enzo Galardi


Price: $5.00