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Dans Tes Bras

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Created by Maurice Roucel, the word on the street is that this EDP is an homage to Après l'Ondée. It does share some of the violet and earthiness of Après l'Ondée, but it is just a nod.

DtB is the smell of intimacy, not just sexual intimacy, but  the smell of skin that you get when you reach in close for just a moment to kiss someone in greeting or goodbye.

A spicy woody scent, it has a strong opening of bergamot, clove and violet. Once this passes, what's left is a woody, slightly spicy, earthy scent. Jasmine adds another floral dimension. Then, it gets salty and warmer from sandalwood, patchouli, incense. Salicylates give it a kiss of sun tan lotion and a slight tanginess.  

This is the smell of a living on someone's skin: a bit of sweat, a bit of dirt, a bit of lingering perfume, bit of the sun.

DtB is not the smell of sex or of dirt or animals - it is the smell of intimacy that Dans tes Bras captures so beautifully.

It's a fabulous fragrance, with an air of familiarity about it that can be worn any time, anywhere.
Notes: salty musk, violet, incense
Type: EDP
Parfumeur: Maurice Roucel

Price: $9.00