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Fille en Aiguilles

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Christopher Sheldrake is one of the most talented perfumers out there. He does most of his work for Serge Lutens, which is one of the reasons why I am such a fan of the brand.
Fille en Aiguilles is a top-notch piece of work. It opens with a hit of pine and vetiver – medicinal, resinous, camphorous and earthy. Pine on its own can be too astringent, too cold, but here it is warmed with frankincense and cumin and is sweetened with a note of dried berries.
Evocative of a fir forest – a bed of pine needles on the forest floor, a whiff of dried wild berries, dappled warm sun – Fille is hauntingly beautiful.

Notes: Pine needles, vetiver, laurel, balsam fir, cumin, frankincense, berries.
Type: EDP - Haute Concentration
Parfumeur: Christopher Sheldrake

Price: $7.00