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The story of Habanita is that it was originally introduced as a scent for cigarettes (weird but novel idea), and in 1924 Molinard made it available as a perfume for women, in black Lalique glass bottles patterned with wood nymphs. It was re-formulated in the 1980’s, but luckily was not dramatically altered like many other classics.

Habanita is a luxurious wonder of a fragrance that unwinds each of its notes slowly over several hours, taking its own sweet time to reveal the deep, dark, sexy core.

The opening is startlingly green and woody, almost dry, but it soon forms into a cloud of tobacco, sweet Cuban cigar smoke. Just as you’re enjoying your cigar, it transforms into a subtle spiced fruit accord, almost jammy but still tart.
The heart notes are the florals - lavender, moving to white jasmine, into  peachy rose, and finally into the soft powdery heliotrope – never sweet, but soft, seductive, feminine. But the florals are only the prelude to the base notes, which are the true heart of  Habanita.
Vanilla mixed with rich tonka bean, slightly nutty, nougat-y and gourmand is the first delicious layer, then amber and musk, powdery, sexy and mesmerizing, and then, just when you expect the drydown to fade and the dance to end..... earthy vetiver and dark smoky leather!
Habanita has being doing a striptease - the sensuous dance is over, the silk robe has dropped, and the amazingly sexy heart is revealed - clothed in a leather bustier, and ready for action!
Warning - Habanita is best worn by WOMEN, not girls!!

Notes: Mastic, Cedarwood, Lavender, Bergamot, a hint of Juniper berry, Leather, Jasmine, Rose, Peach, Heliotrope, Vanilla, Tobacco, Tonka Bean, Amber, Oakmoss, Musk, Opoponax, Vetiver.
Type: EdT

Price: $5.00