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Invasion Barbare


Early in my perfume journey, I ordered a sample of Invasion Barbare because I liked the name, and the perfume notes fit my idea of a scent for my husband. He had worn SignorRicci for years, and it had been discontinued, leaving him scentless - which created a gap in my life (his, too - he really loved it).

I had also ordered about 14 other samples, and the package had arrived, so I was anxious to try them all. 15 samples is a lot to test all at once - I needed more arms, hands, and necks, so  I invited my friend, Gwen, for a evening of wine-tasting and perfume-sniffing.

We had so much fun that night. Invasion Barbare was the first sample we tested - I couldn't believe what I was smelling - "Smell this! Just smell this! Gwen, smell this!!!" and 15 minutes later "Smell this NOW!!" This perfume , created by Stephanie Bakouche for Parfums MDCI, is categorized as a woody/spicy Masculine scent, but it becomes acutely obvious after 15 minutes or so, that this is a fragrance that can be worn by anyone.

It opens with citrus and lavender notes, and transitions into spices, woods and vanilla - a typical composition. But it is so untypical in its development and drydown. This fragrance has an elegance and integrity -it is made with top-quality ingredients. It has character - it is warm, refined, and strong, never loud or dominant.  It is passionate -sensitive, deep, playful - but also reserved and comforting.

How can a perfume seem to possess all these intangible qualities? Because it was created by a talented artist, who was given the freedom to create the best fragrance she could, without the restriction of cost targets, or a soulless marketing brief. Claude Marchal at Parfums MDCI should be congratulated for making this possible.

I bought a bottle of Invasion Barbare. My husband and I both wear it, sometimes at the same time. I decanted several mls. for my son-in-law on his birthday, who thanked me profusely......and I smelled it on my daughter a few days ago.



Notes: bergamot, thyme,cardamon, cedar, vanilla, musk

Type: EDP

Parfumeur: Stephanie Bakouche

Price: $5.00