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Modern and chic - that phrase springs to my mind when I think of the work of James Heeley. A young British designer who lives in France, his fragrances convey a confident, uncluttered,  charming and refined quality, which is especially evident in Iris de Nuit.

The iris scent is difficult to do well - it can be overly dry, bordering on funereal, or too sweet, which obscures the unique iris smell. Serge Lutens' Iris Silver Mist is the funereal, Guerlain's Iris Ganache is the sweet.
Heeley's interpretation is just right, with top and middles notes of white cedar, iris, angelica seeds, fixed at the base with ambrette and grey amber. The overall effect is one of sensuality and delicacy, with the iris maintaining centre stage with a calm confidence.

I think the smell of iris is a grown-up scent - but Heeley has made it modern and youthful, with beauty and brains. I couldn't resist - I bought a bottle of Iris de Nuit.
Notes: cedar, amber, iris, angelica, ambrette
Type: EDT
Parfumeur: James Heeley

Price: $5.00

Perfect notes

This has been on my "must possess" list for a while now. It was one of the first niche frags I was introduced to a few months back. I've since been distracted by a, ahem, few other purchases. Shame on me!

I do find it lighter and happier than Iris Silver Mist, and its carrot note is gorgeous. I think white linen, cool spring weather, and nary a funeral when I wear this.

Re: Perfect Notes

 Noor in Toronto is carrying the Heeley line now - it sounds to me that you've finally caved in and bought a bottle!
I agree that Iris de Nuit is a lighter scent, but it's so modern and unusually beautiful.
I think you hit on the right word to describe it - it is GORGEOUS!