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New Haarlem


New York, New York! So many great shops for perfume.

The Bond No.9 store is on Bond Street in Noho - No.9 to be exact. I'd recently read a magazine article about this perfume company, whose mission is to mark each New York neighbourhood with a scent of its own - and to restore artistry to perfumery. I was eager to get inside and smell some great art, and I hoped I wouldn't be disappointed.

I wasn't. There were several wonderful scents I would gladly have taken home with me, like Chinatown and Andy Warhol Silver Factory, but the one I chose was New Haarlem.

This fragrance is categorized as a gourmond, and it's very different from most foody-type scents - it's the first one I'd found where the scent of coffee really works.

New Haarlem has a delicious roasting coffee scent at first, with a hint of green cedar. As it dries down, the scent becomes a creamy mix of coffee, lavender, patchouli and vanilla, anchored by the non-sweet cedarwood. It's a delicious scent that is tantalizing, like that first whiff of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning.

Great on a guy, great a woman. Warning: it can be addictive.



Notes: cedar,coffee, lavender,patchouli, vanilla

Type: EDT

Parfumeur: Maurice Roucel

Price: $5.00