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Eau de Claudie – Only in Paris - May 12, 2010

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Many years ago, while in Paris, I discovered René Derhy’s clothes. I liked the kind of hippie vibe the clothes had then, and bought them whenever I could. Over time, I realised that the clothes I liked the most had been designed by Claudie Pierlot. Soon, I was shopping at her store at 1, rue Montmartre, just behind St. Eustache Church.

Ahh, those were the days! Youthful, Parisienne, chic – very Amélie. Time and gravity have pushed me out of the designer’s demographic, but I was drawn back to rue Montmartre in 2007, when I’d heard that Claudie Pierlot had launched three colognes: Eau de Claudie, Eau de Cloclo and Eau de Pierlot.

Well, it wouldn’t hurt to give them a whiff, would it? I mean, I loved her aesthetic and her clothes, but would I like the fragrances? Do bees buzz?

Of the three, Eau de Claudie is a standout. Oh, yeah, one whiff and I was a goner. I think my eyes rolled back in my head when I sniffed that first sprtiz.

A fresh, spicy opening that softens to a warm peppery heart with a dry, soft woody, incense base, it can be worn anytime, anywhere.

They should have just called it kryptonite.

My gamine days are long over, thank God, and while most of the clothes at Claudie Pierlot don’t suit me anymore, Eau de Claudie does. A beautiful play on the classic cologne, that is only available in Paris, I make sure I have plenty on hand – just in case.

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