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Fille en Aiguilles – warm and woody and gloriously green - SOLD OUT

Over the years, I’ve learned which houses I like and developed my own list of perfumers I track, just to see what they are up to. One of those houses is Serge Lutens and one of those perfumers is Christopher Sheldrake.
Sheldrake has created perfumes for Avon and Chanel, among others, but most of his work is done for Serge Lutens. My latest crush is Fille en Aiguilles. 
Deep brown in colour, Fille en Aiguilles opens up with medicinal, resiny, pine and camphorous, earthy vetiver. But this isn’t the cold, astringent pine scent of cleaning products or cheap air fresheners. Nope, the pine in Fille is slightly sweetened with a note of dried berries, a Lutens signature, and then warmed with frankincense and spices - I smell cumin.
This is a beautiful blend, to be sure, but what takes it to the next level is that the beauty of the pine note is enhanced with vetiver and fir rather than tempered or tamed by them. What you get isn’t a suggestion of pine, but a clearing in a conifer forest, warmed a little by dappled sunlight, with a carpet of pine needles beneath your feet and the faint smell of dried wild berries in the air. Fille en Aiguilles translates as ‘girl in needles’ a reference to high heels. These days, this fille rarely wears high heels, but she loves smelling like she’s standing in a pine forest.  
Never heavy-handed, Fille en Aiguilles is warm, woody, glorious green and hauntingly beautiful. It just smells good.
Fille en Aiguilles is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $7.00 for 1 ml.