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Sicily – Ciao bella!

I got the Mondays. A bad case of the Mondays. If this were a Tuesday, it would be a bad case of the ‘I-don’t-wanna’s. But it’s not Tuesday – it’s Monday. Too early for a glass of wine, too much to do to go back to bed, too many deadlines to go shopping  - there’s just one thing for it: a short fracay*.

Put all my calls to voicemail, filled the cats’ bowls with food, packed a snack and went to the perfume vault, popped the top on a bottle of Sicily and arrived refreshed in Italy.

Sicily EDP, from Italian niche line, Made in Italy, is one of those great surprises that you occasionally find when you aren’t looking. I found it while looking for something else. I was transported from the first sniff.

Sicily and its sister scent, Venice, are each named for a specific place, date and time. Sicily’s full name is: 6 Marzo 2008, ore 11 - Piazza Duomo, Ortigia, Siracusa – Sicilia. Whew! What a handle.

I’ve been to Venice many times, but I’ve never been to Sicily, and I know for a fact that I wasn’t there on the 6th of March 2008. Still, I love the idea that there is a scent that captures a specific time and place, the way a photograph does.

Ortigia has along history, in fact, Virgil mentions it in his Aeneid.  But what happened on this day, at this place that it was marked by the creation of this EDP? Did two people meet for the first time? For the last time? Or does the scent just capture the moment for anyone to experience?

I got a sample of this fragrance from the store and then had to get another and another, then I gave in and just bought a bottle.

It opens with a bright neroli note, which suggests the orange blossoms that bloom there in spring, along with delicate freesia and sweet jasmine. Then, a there is a note of hay, which along with cedarwood, add dry warmth and a sense of place. A little immortelle gives it depth while amber, patchouli, agarwood and myrrh at the base add earthiness to the mix.

Sicily smells like a day in early spring in a warmer climate, where you really feel the wet winter is fading, the earth is drier, the light is getting stronger and plants have started to grow.

It doesn’t smell like early March in Ontario, where it can still be cold and snowy, with some thaws and the smell of wet leaves, twigs and dirt. No, March in Ontario smells like Black March by Christopher Brosius.

Black March is the hope of spring, Sicily is the promise of spring. But don’t let any definition of seasonality stop you from wearing this flyer any time of the year – I don’t.

Sometimes inspiration can come from the most surprising places. My inbox has been cleared, deadlines met and Monday has been turned around.
Today we are adding Sicily to our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00.

*Fracay: [noun] time away from work and chores devoted to smelling fragrances.

Derived from the first two syllables of the words ‘fragrance’ and ‘vacation’.

Example: ‘I took a short fracay with Al Oudh’