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Tubéreuse Criminelle - It's not a crime to love it (June 28, 2010 New Fragrance Listing)

The big, bold, gorgeous rather pricey silver bracelet -

When Kay and I were in Paris, shopping around Le Marais I saw a big, bold, gorgeous rather pricey silver bracelet in a shop window. Well, I just had to try it on. I loved it, but I agonized for days after I first saw it – should I get it? Do I need it (as if!)? Finally, I realized I didn’t want to go home without it, so I splashed out and bought it.

I had it on and was walking around our hotel room in my silks trying it out in different imaginary scenarios “Oh, lovely to meet you too! This old thing? I’m surprised you noticed it…Thank you, yes it is fab…Oh, I can’t remember where I bought it…I seem to have had forever…” All Kay had to say was:  “You know, the only fragrance you can wear with that bracelet is Tubéreuse Criminelle”.

My BFF was right. Some clothes are like armour – wearing them makes you feel a certain way -  that’s why they call them power suits.  Fragrances are like that too. Tubéreuse Criminelle has a confident, powerful and gorgeous presence. And it makes the wearer feel confident, powerful and gorgeous too. So on our last morning in Paris, while Kay was in the shower I slipped out to Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido and bought a bottle of Tubéreuse Criminelle and I haven’t been without it since.

Launched in 1999 Tubéreuse Criminelle has gained mythical status over the years becoming one of the ‘great whites’ along with Carnal Flower and Fracas. And, like the other members of the great white trinity, Tubéreuse Criminelle is no gateway tuberose frag.

Its calling card is a unique and defining opening of camphor/menthol, like something you get off a magic marker. Wow! What an entrance! This camphor/menthol accord occurs naturally in tuberose but instead of restraining or refining it, perfumer Christopher Sheldrake just let it be. It’s a good thing too becasue it’s this accord that makes Tubéreuse Criminelle unique and potent.

As the top notes fade, the lush, fatty, creamy aspects of tuberose come forward, and stay centre stage, enriched by jasmine, orange blossom and hyacinth. The florals are warmed by nutmeg, clove and musk. The oriental base of styrax, musk and vanilla gives it a drydown that is mellow and gorgeous on the skin.

The buzz on TC is that it smells like death and decay. I suppose it’s the medicinal smell that puts some people in mind of formaldehyde, which when combined with the florals gives TC its association with death and funerals. I don’t experience it that way. I’m just taken with a gorgeous fragrance that lasts and lasts on me. Tubéreuse Criminelle makes me feel so gorgeous and powerful that sometimes I wear it without the bracelet….

Tubéreuse Criminelle is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $8.00 for 1 ml.


Confidence booster

This is one of the things I have come to love about fragrance - the little (or big) emotional hit you get from them.

There are so many that make me feel great.
Habanita is just gorgeous - and pretty unique. I know I'm not bowling someone over with a huge 80s-era floral hit, and its subtlety helps ensure that I'm not offending anyone just by wafting on by.

I also love L'Air du Destert Morocain by Andy Tauer for the warm energy I feel when I am wearing it. It definitely is one I love to wear, mostly because of that warmth (and its depth).

Bulgari Black and Mitsouko... What can I say? They make me feel absolutely gorgeous!

Re: Confidence booster

Sing it sister cause you are preaching to the choir! It doesn't matter how great it smells, how much it costs or if it only got 1/4 star in someone's's how a scent makes me feel that determines whether it comes home with me.
I was given a scent once (no, I won't tell you which one...) that was gorgeous, but something in it made me sad and I just couldn't wear it (no, it wasn't a note of existential angst...). We now refer to it as the 'sad' perfume.
If you feel gorgeous, you act gorgeous and to think it comes in a bottle!