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Incense rosé – Balancing act

I knew it was going to be bad day when I got up that morning. Nothing was going right – burnt toast, missed deadline, computer gremlins. Everything was a bit out of whack and I was definitely put off balance. So I wasn’t completely surprised when, moving things around my dresser, I dropped my bottle of Incense rosé.

Man, that thing shattered into a million pieces and the juice sprayed everywhere. It splashed on the walls, the armoire and the bed but most of it landed in a puddle on the hardwood floor. Desperate, I thought maybe I could save some – spoon it up maybe or wipe it up and wring it out into a bowl. Once I got back to planet Earth, I realized there was nothing for it but to clean up the broken glass and wipe up what was on the floor with paper towels.

What a loss! Incense rosé is more than an fragrance  – it’s an experience. It opens with orange and bergamot, which lead to soft, sweet rose warmed by a spicy note of cardamom. At the heart, a hint of castor gives it an earthy, animalic feel, while orris root sets the stage for frankincense at the base – and frankincense really is what it’s all about.

Supported by cedar, vetiver, and myrrh it keeps the rose from being too sweet while the rose balances the incense so the fragrance doesn’t become dark and heavy. This EDP is a harmony of opposites, floral/woody, heavy/light male/female, in perfect balance in which nothing dominates. This is quite a feat.

Tauer has made something complex, but which seems simple, and that is really what true artistry is. At first it seems quite straight forward, but as you wear it, as it blooms on your skin, it smells like nothing else – mysterious, rich and gorgeous -  then you realize the talent and genius that went into making it.

Of course, the bedroom reeks of it (talk about decadent), which is OK with me and my Mr. I saved the paper towels I wiped the juice up with and put them in a bag in the linen closet to scent it. And, I bought another bottle, so all losses have been restored and my sense of balance has returned.

Incense rosé is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.


a night of perfume

Being a complete newcomer to perfume, I was thrilled to be part of a "sniffin' party" a few weeks ago, as well. With no experience wearing the stuff, let alone testing, analyzing, and comparing it, I was pleasantly overwhelmed by how much there is to know about the subject. I'm sure the good company, food, and wine helped, but giving your nose a good workout with things it's never smelled before is a great way to spend a night.
I learned about what scents I like and don't like, how scents react with my skin and body temperature, and how unique each of our noses really are. I also now know what scent will have me committing to a full bottle (Vamp a NY!) When I told other friends about my night of perfume, they were all quite jealous. Guess I'll just have to do it again, only this time I'll know a bit about the subject!

Not a disaster--a success!

Just had a family girl's night on Saturday--a reunion of the women in our clan from across the country, and added to the usual food, wine and fun, my sister and I brought along a bag of goodies--samples of a dozen perfumes with enough doubles so that people could keep the ones they really liked. We had a great evening of sampling, sniffing, laughing, sniffing again, drinking, sniffing--well you get the idea! It was a fantastic addition to the evening, and one that others will be replicating at upcoming get-togethers with girlfriends--we all had a hoot. And we all smelled pretty freakin' amazing!!!!

Re: Not a disaster--a success!

Glad to hear that scent sniffin' was part of the family fun! Scent is so related to memeory that it was bound to add something to the family gathering.
And it sounds like you had the right idea - lots of samples to try, share and give away.
Thanks for telling us about your experience - it's what we envisoned when we started!