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Eau Noire – Oh, yes!

On the back cover of the paperback version of Turin and Sanchez’s 'Perfumes the A-Z Guide', is says: “And if you love something, buy two bottles, because next time the things may be changed or gone.” Excellent theory. I mean, it makes sense that if you love a frag and worry about it being reformulated or disappearing that you should have a back up or two, maybe three. Left unchecked such a habit can get really, really, expensive - especially if you really love more than one perfume - and it can lead to hoarding and other OCD tendencies – not that there is anything wrong with OCD tendencies, but best to try and contain them not cultivate them. Which brings me to Eau Noire.
I’d flirted with it in Paris and Milan over the past couple of years, but had other things on my mind at the time, so I ended up buying a bottle in Montreal when I was last there. I couldn’t wait to get it home.
Eau Noire opens green and herbaceous, with warm sage and anis, as it moves to the middle, helichrysum, aka immortelle, comes forward to give it a warm, spicy curry/burnt sugar note. Lavender keeps it from getting too heavy and dark while cedar and vanilla at the base transform it from a green scent to a slightly sweet woody one with a beautiful soft drydown.  Labeled a unisex scent, it starts out strong and masculine and ends up softer and more feminine – just perfect.
Though it is a cologne, it plays big and has great lasting power.
I just love it, so when I squeezed the last drop out of the bottle I blithely went out to buy more. Oh, the ignorance of innocence!
Eau Noire is one of a trio of fragrances introduced by Dior as part of their Pour Homme pret-a-porter collection and is exclusive to Dior Homme outlets. Well guess what? Not anymore.
I couldn’t find it in my unusual haunts – not even in Montreal – with more than one SA telling me it wasn’t being carried anymore. All I could think was that Turin and Sanchez were right – I should have bought more than one bottle.
All I had were the fumes from my empty bottle to console myself with – that and my tears. Until I saw it in Colette in Paris last week and bought two bottles. Whew! Dodged a bullet there. Now I am plagued by the thought at I should have bought three bottles……
Eau Noire is listed in Our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.

Oh no!

Only in Paris? That's sad! I ordered this sample from you and think it's terrific--the curry notes keep it very interesting and it's got terrific spicy warmth. Oh well, guess I'll have to start a new list: "Reasons to go to Paris..."

Re: Oh no!

It's not only in Paris - it's in Rome, Milan, Florence and other places, I just didn't find it in Canada at Holt's, Ogilvy's or any of my other ususal haunts. Maybe someone else out there has found it in Canada.