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The story is that Dzing! was inspired by the smells of the circus. In fact, it was called Désir de Cirque originally.

It starts out with a whiff of leather - the smell of whips, saddles and strapping. Then the scent of sawdust, the smell of rubber - which comes from black tea, candied popcorn from toffee and vanilla, while castoreum and musk bring the animals to the centre ring.

Now, as weird as smelling like a circus may sound, the fact is, this scent is a rapturous one-of-a-kind.

It doesn't have the dirty smells of a circus - dirt, animal waste, garbage. Instead it's an elegant, chic fragrance that makes your eyes roll back into your head. What a shame it is being discontinued. UPDATE: Rumours that Dzing! was going to be discontinued have been circling for years. In fact, there has been a reversal of sorts on this decision and Dzing! is currently alive and well and available wherever L'Artisan fragrances are sold.

Notes: Leather, ginger, saffron, iris, musk, balsam

Type: EDT

Parfumeur: Olivia Giacobetti

Price: $5.00