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Tilda Swinton Like This


Tilda Swinton Like This is from État Libre d’Orange, the avant-garde little French company.

For those of you who might not know her, Tilda Swinton is a Scottish actress known for her provocative arthouse films and her Oscar winning role as a corporate lawyer in Michael Clayton. She is also known for her cutting-edge fashion style - tall, and beautiful with short burnt orange hair, she does the red carpet parade like few others.

So you can see why I was anticipating an edgy, out-of-the-box scent. The small orange package insert unfolds to reveal a poem, called “Like This”. It is from “The Essential Rumi”, written by a 12th century Sufi poet, and it is one of Tilda’s favourite poems – very quiet, meaningful, reflective. And the smell of Tilda Swinton Like This? It is not what I expected. It is like the poem – very quiet, reflective, meaningful – and it is beautiful.

The notes listed include citrus, spice and floral.  I can smell the three top-notes, especially the ginger in the first few seconds, then the earthiness of the pumpkin. It’s a familiar yet oddly different smell, almost like the smell of a well-tended home – baking and furniture polish and flowers in a vase. After thirty minutes or so, the immortelle delivers the wonderful spicy burnt caramel and the rose and musks add a slightly sweet layer.

When the perfume was created, Tilda asked the perfumer, Mathilde Bijaoui, for "a magic potion that I could carry with me wherever I went that would hold for me the fragrance - the spirit - of home. I told herabout a bottle of spirit, something very simple to me: something almost indescribable, so personal it should be..."

So Tilda Swinton Like This is a deeply personal scent, created for Tilda, the real person, not Tilda, the persona. Quite brilliant, like Tilda.


Notes: yellow tangerine, ginger, pumpkin, immortelle flower, Moroccan neroli, Grasse rose, vetyver, heliotrope, musks.

Type: EdT

Parfumeur: Mathilde Bijaoui

Price: $5.00