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Voleur de Roses

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rose petals image.

Voleur de Roses translates as Thief of Roses - this floral perfume stole my heart instead. This is a rose with a twist of patchouli and dry woods, which are the perfume hooks which always draw me in.

A woody Oriental launched  by L’Artisan Parfumeur in 1993, this is the fragrance that unlocked the floral door for me. I became a believer the minute I smelled those imaginary roses with their wax-papery dark green leaves and thorny stems rooted in damp earth, the vegetal sweet spiciness of their blooms beaded with red-wine, then cloaked in herbal patchouli and woody resins in the dry-down.

It was the patchouli that drew me in, but it’s perfumer Michel Almairac’s inspired vision of the patchouli-rose accord that makes Voleur de Roses a stand-out fragrance. It’s a wonderful natural sensual earthy rose with notes of rose, bergamot, plum, and patchouli that ends with an unusual twist, a dry airiness, and it works its magic equally as well on men as it does on women. It’s no mystery why Voleur de Roses is still in the L’Artisan line.

Notes: plum, bergamot,rose, patchouli

Type: EDT

Parfumeur: Michel Almairac

Price: $5.00