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18 Place des Vosges

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Christian Louis is from the Basque country and has a number of shops in that part of France as well as one in Paris.

Like other perfumers, his creations reflect his life experiences -  memories of childhood, travel or just  daily life.  But his talent is in transporting the wearer to a time and place through his  fragrances. Smell his Un jour à Québec and you are there, take a whiff of his Un jour à Biarritz and you are there.

Named for the address of his shop in Paris, 18 Place des Vosges is a floral. It opens with iris and bergamot and as these soften, lavender with a hint of tobacco and warmth from coumarin shows up. It develops into a gorgeous, sophisticated scent that has all the charm and beauty of the square it is named for.

I wear it when I want to be in Paris.


Notes: iris, bergamot, tobacco

Type: EDP

Parfumeur: Christian Louis

Price: $5.00

18 Place des Vosges

This scent is new to me, and at first sniff it was powdery (in a good way) and gardenesque. I could imagine wearing this to an afternoon tea or on a rainy spring day. Even sitting at a boring old computer, it lightens the room.

Re: 18 Place des Vosges

Yeah, this is a beauty isn't it? It is very gardenesque, which I think is its appeal - a sort of garden in Paris. Now, wouldn't that be a great place to garden?