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August 2010

  • Dzing! – Went the strings of my heart

    Image - - Le Cirque - painting by George Seurat, 1891 - Musee d'Orsay, Paris

  • Wonderwood – If you go down to the woods today......(August 4, 2010 New Fragrance Listing)

    Comme des Garçons fragrances are never dull. Maybe it’s because they come from a design house, maybe it’s because they comes from an edgy design house, but I find their fragrances always interesting and many of them FBW.

  • New York – A New York state of mind


    Image - Statue of Liberty, NYC -

    by Elcobbola, 8 Aug, 2010

  • Sens et Bois – Something different

    Jean-Claude Ellena is a titan in the modern perfume world. He was born in 1947 in Grasse – destiny perhaps? He’s had a hand in the development of over 50 fragrances for such houses as Van Cleef & Arpels, Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle and L’Artisan. In 2004 he became the exclusive in-house perfumer for Hermès, where by the end of 2008, perfume sales tripled. Pretty impressive, I’d say.

  • Comme des Garçons

    The first time I went to the Comme des Garçons store in Chelsea, New York, I was on a mission to discover their fragrances, but finding the place was a bit tricky. I had the address, but there was no sign, no indication it was store. Why the confusion?

  • I Love Paris When it Sizzles....

    I have been in Paris for the last week. In August most Parisians quit the city for the mountains or the sea. Small shops are closed for holidays and the city is a little quieter. Some people feel it lacks the excitement of other times of the year, but I love being in Paris any time even in August.