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April 2016

  • Morn to Dusk – The Italian way to Vanilla - April 1, 2016


    Hotel Le Sirenuse, (red building) Positano, Italy -

  • Note Series #18 - GRASS

    Calamus plant - Wikipedia - J.F. Gaffard, May 2004

    Spring has sprung,

    the grass has ris,

    I wonder where the birdies is'?


  • Rose Pivoine – Floral and fresh and summery - April 25, 2016

    Rose pivoine/Rose peony -

    Spring is a transitional time of year. We come out of hibernation, shed our winter clothes and our winter ways with spring cleaning, spring colours, spring foods and smells lead the way to summer living.

  • Bond No. 9 Perfumista Avenue - Take a chance and live – April 22, 2016


    Bond No. 9 "Perfumista Avenue" -

    Yet another artist and musical genius has left our world. Yesterday my daughter wept big tears for Prince who she grew up with, he was her all-time favourite, just as I did for John Lennon before she was born.

  • Our 6th Birthday Decant Draw - April 20, 2016

    Gwen:        Oh! My! God!!!

    Kay:            What’s wrong! You OK? You nearly knocked over your wine glass.

    Gwen:        Nothing’s wrong! I just that I realized it’s been six whole years, almost to the day, since we started!

  • Fat Electrician – Earthy and nutty and smoky - April 18, 2016


    Dear Diary,

    Kitchen reno – Day 1

    The kitchen reno begins! Old kitchen gone – no stove, no sink. Pots, pans, dishes - everything packed safely away from dust and dirt. Workmen come and go all day. Banging, drilling, pounding. We’ve set up camp in the basement and cook off a hotplate, drink wine from jars and shiver with the shared excitement of how great the new kitchen will be when it’s done.

    Dear Diary,

    Kitchen reno – Day 8

  • Lust - A four letter word

    Jasminum grandiflorum - Wikipedia 

    A family conversation…

    Son: “Wow! Those flowers really smell” as he walked past the arrangement in the hallway. “They smell fantastic!”

    Husband: “Yeah, they smell strong, like they’ve just been picked!”

  • Nose-to-nose: Sniffing out news with Esther, April 13, 2016

    Westminster Kennel Club logo - wikipedia
    New in niche
  • Bat – Fruity and elegant and original - April 11, 2016

    BAT perfume - zoologist

    Last December Victor Wong, founder and creative director of Zoologist Perfumes, and I met up for coffee. Victor is soft-spoken, smart and very knowledgeable about perfume, so I really enjoy spending time with him.

  • Héritage – For women too - April 8, 2016

    Today, Friday, started kind of gray and unseasonably cold, and marked the end of a gruelling week at work. Getting ready to hit the deck again with a smile on my face was a chore, involving extra make-up time and careful wardrobe choice. I figured if I look good, I’ll feel good. It usually works, so I pulled on my favourite skinny jeans and black cashmere V-neck, looped a vintage Hermès scarf around my neck and started my day.

  • Note Series #17 – IRIS


    Iris pseudopumila - Girolamo Giardina - Nov.14, 2006

    According to Wikipedia, the word Iris means rainbow in Greek, which perfectly describes this elegant flower, the historic symbol of wisdom and loyalty, because it comes in every colour of the rainbow, plus every shade in between. There’s no denying the beauty of these tall elegant plants.

  • Ma Bête – Floral and animalic and an erotic tease - April 4, 2016

    Poster for Jean Cocteau movie "La Belle et la Bête", 1946 - Wikipedia