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November 2016

  • Hidden Treasures: Part 1 - November 2, 2016


    When I shop, especially for things I have a real interest in, like fragrances, I always talk to a sales person. I learn a lot more that way. Sometimes what I came in to buy isn’t what I leave with. It’s often better.

    Over time, I develop a relationship with these people and they get to know what I like, so that when I drop by they sometimes have something they’ve put aside for me – something they think I will like, something special.

  • Eau Absolue – Pure magic, pure Mona di Orio - November 6, 2016

    Mona di Orio "Eau Absolue" 2013 original packaging -

    Eau Fraiche        =>3%

    Eau de Cologne  =>5%

    Eau de Parfum    =>15%

    What does the =>% difference mean?  It’s the difference in the amount of perfume oil in fragrance concentrations.

  • Discover Christine Nagel - November 10, 2016

    We’ve written about a lot of fragrances since we started this blog in 2010, and there’s a personal story about every one of them. Just for fun sometimes, I scroll through older posts to see what was tickling our noses in say, Summer 2010, or Winter 2014. Sometimes I browse for inspiration, other times I search for a specific bit of information that I need for a current post I’m writing.

  • Vetiver – Rooty and earthy and camphourous – November 13, 2016

    “I smell vetiver” I said to her over drinks on a late autumn afternoon. Sniffing the air again, I asked, “What is that fragrance you are wearing?”

    “It’s Vetiver by Etro,” she said, smiling coyly.

    “Tell me all about it”, I said as I inhaled the scent that was on her wrist.

    “Ha! This is rich. You’re usually the one who introduces me to fragrances, and now I’m, introducing you to….”

  • Nose-to-Nose: Sniffing Around With Esther--November 16, 2016

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  • Femme parfum - Deep dark and divine – November 20, 2016

    Femme by Rochas perfume ad -

  • Christmas Shopping on Black Friday – November 23, 2016


    Nothing pushes me towards Christmas shopping like all the Black Friday promotions that drop into my Inbox this time of year.  You know the ones I mean – the offers, deals and discounts that retailers dream up to get you shop on Black Friday.

    What started out decades ago as early store openings to launch the Christmas shopping season on the day after American Thanksgiving, has morphed into a global phenomenon with the introduction of online shopping.

    Well, it sure works for me!

  • Indian Wood 11.1 – spicy and lightly woody and fabulous - November 26, 2016


    Pierre Guillaume. He's so good looking, he's kinda unforgettable. Strangely, it’s not his image that sticks in my memory but his work as a perfumer. And today it’s all about, his 2016 perfume called Indian Wood 11.1.

    That’s right, Indian Wood 11.1. Guillaume numbers the fragrances in his Parfumerie Generale line, and the “.1” refers to fact that Indian Wood is a rework of his Haramatan Noir 11, which was launched in 2001. 

  • Nose-to-Nose: Sniffing Around With Esther--November 30, 2016

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