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November 2021

  • Missoni Uomo - An elegant, gentle leather

    Knowing my interest in perfume and vintage scents, a friend recently brought me a bottle of Missoni Uomo eau de toilette that she'd unearthed in her husband's wardrobe while packing for a move from house to condo. It was in the original box printed with the distinctive wavy Missoni knitwear pattern, and was half full. 

  • Goodbye Kay!

    Kay and I have been dedicated to our perfume passions since 2011, when we began writing about our favourite fragrances and sharing them with you. We wanted you to experience the magic of niche and luxury fragrances right along with us.

    Ten years is a long time, and a lot has happened in the past decade. New interests emerge, grandkids and puppies come along and so Kay has reached a decision to leave to focus on the next phase of her life.