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Jour de Fête – a little bitter and a little sweet and very evocative

Photo -Wikipedia - Jordan Almonds by Alex Kaspernicius, Feb. 2006

I grew up in the Italian area of downtown Toronto, so most of my childhood friends were Italian. We walked to school together, did homework together and hung out after school together. One of our schoolyard rituals was sharing treats we brought home with each other at recess.

Black – rubber and wood and leather

Photo: perfumeniche

Perfumes have always been in my life, but when I discovered niche scents in the early 2000s, everything changed, and perfumes became a part of my life. Now, I not only wear perfumes, but I also collect them and write about them.

Eau de Claudie – fresh and spicy and woody

The warm weather seems to be here to stay, so it's time to bring out the colognes. That's how I rediscovered Eau de Claudie from French design house Claudie Pierlot.
Years ago, while in Paris, I came across Claudie Pierlot's clothing shop. This French stylist was known for creating clothes for the real women of Paris, and over time, the brand became known for its feminine yet urban vibe.

Basilica – herbal and incense-y and woody

I’ve been writing about fragrances for over a decade now, and I’ve seen fragrance trends come and go and come back again and one category that has remained popular over time is church scents - those evocative fragrances that conjure up the bells, the garments, the cold stone, the chanting and the smells associated with worship. It’s not surprising since church scents are incense-based, because incense has been used for centuries in religious worship, ceremony, and meditation in religions around the world.

De Profundis – green and floral and smoky

I'm generally skeptical of marketing materials, especially those promoting fragrances, and often wonder, 'Who writes this stuff?'

It's no surprise then that it was the colour of De Profundis that got my attention when I saw it for the first time at Les Salons du Palais Royal in Paris. It looks like no other perfume, a beautiful, otherworldly shade of violet. It drew me to the fragrance, and when I smelled the juice, I was so taken by it that I wanted to know more about it. Later that day, I began my research.

Orris Noir – spicy and elegant and seductive

I have a very good friend who is a journalist and one of her many skills is research, so when she finds anything of interest regarding perfume – an article, an interview, etc. – she sends it along to me. I can’t tell you how often I have benefited from her efforts, like the time she discovered that Ormonde Jayne, the niche fragrance brand founded by Linda Pilkington in the 2000’s, was offering free shipping worldwide. I wasted no time ordering Orris Noir.

1986 Éclectique – exciting and sexy and so much more

Sometimes the perfume gods smile upon us. It happened to me last autumn when I was in Paris. I happened to be at perfume mecca Jovoy on the day 1986 Ecletique EdP, from French niche line Les Bains Guerbois, was launched. One sniff and I was smitten, learning that Bertrand Duchaufour signed it, I was in love.

The "Guerlain Classic Elegance Pack"

When the Duchesse has an idea, it’s usually a very good one – especially if it involves fragrances. So, when she came up with the idea for a "Guerlain Classic Elegance Pack" I was all in.

Mitsouko Eau de Parfum – fresh and luscious and sensuous

Growing up, I had a cousin whom I adored. She's a few years older than me, and I thought she was perfect. As a late teen, she did a bit of modelling; she travelled to Europe in her early twenties, spoke French and had excellent taste in clothes. Oh, the clothes! She often passed along the clothes she didn't want anymore. I loved them, but I had to alter them to fit me. Leaning over the sewing machine, taking in the seams of some gorgeous dress, I'd get the most beautiful scent coming off the cloth. The more I sewed, the more intrigued I became by the smell.

Black Heart v. 2 – woody and spicy and smoky

My introduction to Black Heart v. 2 from Map Of The Heart was via Mark Behnke’s blog Colognoisseur.

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