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Chanel Coco – Spicy oriental, classic, modern, still beautiful

Chanel Coco EdT 50 ml. -

Ganymede – leathery and spicy and contemporary

Ganymede - NASA image of the Galilean satellites (moons) of Jupiter

 26 June 1996

WitchMusk – A deliciously addictive potion


Devil pumpkin -

The days run together. The leaves are falling, the flowers are dying, the nights are cold. It’s Hallowe’en this weekend but the plague has cancelled trick or treaters. Pumpkins will glow on doorsteps but I crave amusement during this dark time. A costume? why not? A witchy wig, black velvet gown, magic broom, and a magic potion. 

Vetiver Insolent – spicy and woody and green

Vetiver grass used as windbreak

ANI- No boundaries on beauty

Chembur – fresh and warm and light

Chembur Station, Mumbai, India

Sticky Fingers – Dangerously addictive, warm, rich, and racy

Things that feed the senses and bring feelings of pleasure and comfort are kind of essential these days. Thank god for books, music, cooking, and perfume, otherwise I’d be catatonic.

Fragrance 04 – complex and modern and chic

Gardeners read blogs about gardening, cooks read blogs about cooking, and perfume bloggers read blogs about perfumes. As someone who writes about fragrance, I can tell you there is no shortage of perfume bloggers out there. Over time, I've come to rely on a few and investigate others, depending on what I want information about. Want to know about new launches?  Go to Now Smell This. Interested in informed, balanced well-done reviews? Ça Fleure Bon. Interested in learning about natural fragrance lines? Read Kay's posts in

Chypre-Siam – Unhindered fragrant art, perfume as it should be


I’ve discovered another gem – a small California company by the name of Rogue Perfumery. The owner and in-house nose is Manuel Cross, a former professional chef whose love of scents inspired him to seriously study perfumery for the past ten years so he could understand the science and art behind his intense fascination with vintage florals. One thing led to another, and he became a perfumer…

Amyris Homme – fresh and woody and an all-season scent

Amryis elemifera shrub

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