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Amara – warm and woody and uplifting

Image - Wikimedia - Angkor Wat at Sunrise by Jpatokal, Dec. 2, 2006

Attar - Rose, sandalwood, and lots of style


Marescialla – unique and evocative and enticing

Sales Hall, Farmacia di SMN in Florence by Sailko, 09/22/2009

Fendi – Spicy floral powerful classic

Karma – a LUSH chameleon

As usual after meeting with a potential new client a few months ago, my colleague and I traded impressions. “Good karma” he said, and I agreed. We knew exactly what each other felt about this person without having to say anything more, and our brief assessment of their character has so far proven to be true. 

Bruvuvu – woody and cozy and evocative

Sedona Sweetgrass – Grassy, airy and heavenly


Sedona Sweet Grass


Santal 33 – woody and floral and leathery



Foxglove - An armful of wildflowers and herbs

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