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Aventus For Her – fruity and floral and confident

Image courtesy of CREED

Fragrances can often trigger memories. Sometimes these associations are deliberate, like when you choose a scent for your wedding, and some are unintentional, like the year my husband bought me Aventus for Her for Christmas.

I was in the laundry room, in the basement, a week before December 25th, preparing things for the big day. The weeks and days surrounding the holidays are full of excitement and fun, but there's also tension and lots of work. I felt a bit overwhelmed until I remembered my husband always hides my Christmas gifts in the basement. Maybe a little peek at a gift might put me in the jingle bell mood? It didn't take me long to find Santa's stash, and soon I was touching, squeezing and shaking those presents.

"Hey, what are you doing down there?" my husband cried out from the top of the stairs.

Too startled to think clearly, I shouted, "Getting food for the dog." Then I got back to the gifts.

One made that heavy clunk sound of a glass bottle in a box. Carefully, I eased the Scotch tape away from the wrapping paper just enough to see what it was: Aventus for Her.

I was dumbstruck. I've coveted it since I first smelled it, so this beauty was at the top of my Christmas list.

Aventus for Her opens with nose-tingling bergamot, bitter and green, and fresh, juicy lemon. A note of tart green apple rounds out the citrus fruits, making the opening refreshing and elegant. Pink pepper adds a little warmth to the fruits as its rosy aspect links to a note of tender violet. Patchouli makes a surprise appearance, supporting the fruits and flowers with its sweet, earthy woodiness. At the heart, a blend of lush, opulent Bulgarian and Turkish roses bloom on my wrists as Mysore sandalwood, deep and woody, picks up the patchouli just as its floral accents brace the roses. Styrax adds resinous hints that flit throughout the fragrance, as musk keeps it smooth. The patchouli and sandalwood stay down to the base that's fruity from sweet, luscious peach tempered by tangy black currant. A note of sweet, fruity, heady ylang-ylang joins the fruit and mirrors the fruity/floral opening. At this stage, it gets powdery from lilac and amber, which also makes it warm and erotic.

The drydown is warm, sophisticated, and enticing.

Aventus for Her is an anytime/anywhere fragrance. Still, at that moment, in the basement a week before Christmas, I saw myself walking to meet a friend for lunch on a warm summer's day. I feel confident and carefree in a loose cotton blouse, linen skirt swirling around my legs, strappy sandals on my feet, the heat of the sun on my skin and Aventus for Her in the air.

"You opened one of your Christmas gifts?" my husband's voice came from over my shoulder.  I didn’t even hear him come down the stairs.

"Yeah. I'm sorry, I just…."

"…. needed a little lift. I know," he said gently.

"You know me so well," I said.

"That, and we don't have a dog."

And that is how loving memories are made.

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