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Warrioress – strong and confident and sexy

I remember back to 2008 when luxe British indie brand Boadicea the Victorious was launched. Founded by London-based hairdresser to the stars and self-taught nose Michael Boadi, the line was named for Queen Boadicea of the Iceni, a Celtic tribal princess who rebelled against Roman occupation and led her people to war against the Romans in 60/61 AD. Spoiler: she lost.

It was an exciting time for Boadi, and the brand got a lot of press thanks to his tireless efforts. The line was launched exclusively in Harrods and was one of their best-selling lines that year. And it was well-received at Henri Bendel in New York a year later. It was reported that Michelle Obama visited Mr. Boadi in London to discover the fragrances she had heard "sensational things" about and walked away with bottles of Noble, Divine and Delicate. 

When I sampled the Boadicea, the Victorious line for sale at Bendel's, I walked away with bottles of Glorious, Seductive and Warrioress. Well, I didn't want to copy Michelle.

Part of Boadicea the Victorious' 'The Exclusives' Collection, Warrioress opens with an enthusiastic note of bright, bitter bergamot and juicy, tart lemon. How these citrus fruits are combined introduces a note of myrrh that's bitter, aromatic, resinous and almost medicinal. Myrhh has a spicy aspect that adds warmth to the blend. There's a note of rose here too. It's a shy rose that gives Warrioress a very gentle floralcy. As it blooms, opoponax comes forward. It deepens the aspects of myrrh: the warmth, and the incense but disperses any medicinal sharpness. A leather note joins the opoponax, giving it a bold, animalic sexiness. Cedarwood at the base is dry and woody and brings elegance to Warrioress.

On me, Warrioress smells ancient and holy, of anointing oils and resins but also feral from plants, trees and animals. Warrioress is not for the faint of heart. It's not for girls. It’s not flirty, playful or fun.  It's for women. It has confidence and a carnal urgency that hints at conquest.

Michael Boadi has said that his ideal woman inspires his fragrances. She's a woman who is a little wild, strong, extravagant, and flamboyant.

That's how I feel when I wear it.

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