Blog post by Gwen

06130 Cèdre – woody and spicy and just a little sweet

Every time my friend Judy or I snag a great fragrance buy, we get together to sniff and share. “Where’d you get this? How much was it? Did they have anymore?” are always part of the conversation. Then we settle in, pop the cap, spritz and breathe. Then it starts: “What do you get off the top?” “Oh, this is different….” Or “I’ve waited my whole life to smell this… Then we go through the middle notes and wait for the drydown. Over a glass of wine, we continue: “Did you think it was going to do that?” “I give this six stars….” and so it goes.

Last week I showed up at Judy’s door with my latest crush/purchase Cèdre from Zero Six Cent-Trente, known as 06130. I was especially proud of this one as its distribution is very limited, so it’s hard to find.

Founded by Nicolas Chabert, Zero Six Cent-Trente is the postal code for Grasse; the centre of perfumedom and seat of the Charbert family. The Charbert family has long been associated with perfumery in Grasse and Paris, but Nicolas Chabert has a unique vision for Zero Six Cent-Trente. This is his project, independent of the family and a personal part of his life. He started the line with a view to disregard trends and create fragrances that appeal to people with the same tastes and standards he has.

 So, what does 06130 Cèdre smell like?

It opens with a note of sweet, powdery violet alongside a trio of citrus fruits: fresh, bright bergamot, bitter, fragrant grapefruit, which also adds its dirty nuance to the top, and sweet juicy mandarin orange. The chemistry between the floral violet and the citrus fruits makes the opening discreetly seductive. As it settles, I smell the camphorous odour of cedarwood. Its cool woodiness is warmed by spicy nutmeg and gently sweetened by cardamom, giving it an alluring beauty. The cedarwood links to the base through a note of creamy, rich sandalwood. Musk reads as warm skin on me and it warms the woods, just as vetiver earthy and woody joins the cedarwood and sandalwood. Amber adds a kiss of sweetness to the mix.

The drydown is spicy, woody and refined. 06130 Cèdre is a subtly woody fragrance with just a lick of spices and delicate sweetness. It’s not complex or big. This is a light, simple scent that stays close to the skin. But that’s where its beauty lies. The way the notes are perfectly blended and balanced and complement each other so well makes it a pleasure to wear. I appreciate the skill it takes to take a fragrance just to that point and leave it there.

When Judy and I met to sniff 06130 Cèdre together, I asked Judy, “Who would wear this?” Without blinking, she said, “Someone who wants to draw people to them with a quiet sensuality.” She nailed it.


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