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06130 Cèdre – “Take your glasses off. Now, let's unpin your hair...." (January 31st, 2011 New Fragrance Listing )

Every time Kay or I snag a great frag buy, we get together to sniff and share. “Where’d you get this? How much was it? Did they have anymore?” are always part of the conversation. Then we settle in, pop the cap, spritz and breathe. Then it starts: “What do you get off the top?” “Oh, this is different….” Or “I’ve waited my whole life to smell this… Then we go through the middle notes and wait for the drydown. Over a glass of wine, we continue: “Did you think it was going to do that?” “I give this six stars….” and so it goes. After a while, when we’ve exhausted the serious analysis and comments we play a little game of Who Would Wear This? This is where we have the most fun. Is it a Colin Firth or a Ryan Reynolds? Is it Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston?

Last week I showed up at Kay’s door with my latest crush/purchase 06130 Cèdre by Zero Six Cent-Trente. I was especially proud of this one as its distribution is very limited so it’s hard to find.

Founded by Nicolas Chabert, Zero Six Cent-Trente is the postal code for Grasse – the centre of perfumedom and seat of the Charbert family. The Charbert family has long been associated with perfumery in Grasse and in Paris, but Nicolas Chabert has a unique vision for Zero Six Cent-Trente. On the company web site he says: "While this is a business which I would like to see continue to succeed and to live on for generations to come, this is my own project, a highly personal part of my life that allows me to express my taste for perfume. No matter what you launch, you will have ardent proponents and critics alike. I thus choose to disregard trends and critics, and move on based on my own taste. My view ensures constance for 06130 and a solid following of fragrance lovers whose taste and standards compare to mine." So, what does this juice smell like?

Categorized as a masculine, 06130 Cèdre opens with bergamot and violet – not lavender, the ususal calling card of many men’s scents. And, it doesn’t open with a blast but opens quietly, discreetly, seductively. The violet is gorgeous - dirty and wild, but lightened with citrus so it never gets skanky. Soon, cedar shows up. Woody, cool cedar made warm and spicy by nutmeg, and a little sweet by cardamom. The base, sandalwood, adds to the woodiness, while vetiver gives it a green note, musk softens it and amber gives it the perfect sweetness. This is not a heavy, complex scent. It’s pretty linear yet soft, sophisticated and sexy. It stays close to the skin and beckons people to come closer.

When Kay and I met for our sniff-up of 06130 Cèdre, I asked Kay “Who would wear this?” Without thinking she said “Don Draper”. There is no doubt in my mind that if you leaned in close to Don Draper, 06130 Cèdre is what you would smell. And while it may be categorized as a masculine, it is soft and sophisticated enough for women to wear. Besides I kinda like the idea of smelling like I just rubbed up against Don Draper….

06130 Cèdre is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 l.