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After My Own Heart

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Launched in 2006 by San Francisco perfumer Ineke Ruhland, After My Own Heart is the first in her alphabetized series of scents.
A soliflore based on lilac it opens with a tang of green bergamot, made fruity and tart by raspberry. The green notes carry into the heart where it’s all about the lilac – beautiful, clean lilac. Sandalwood, heliotrope and musk soften it and give it a powdery dry-down.

Layers aren’t clearly defined in After My Own Heart , so the result is that you experience the lilacs – the leaves, flowers and stems -  almost at once. Beautiful and evocative, it is the perfect harbinger of spring.
Notes: bergamot, raspberry, green foliage, lilac, sandalwood, heliotrope and musk.
Type: EDP
Parfumeur: Ineke Ruhland

Price: $5.00