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According to Murat Kutran and Mert Guzel Murat of Nishane, the Turkish niche brand, their ANI perfume was created for its story which tells the true tale of a city torn by war…with the hope to use scent as a way to heal Armenian and Turkish people…ANI also means “memory” in Turkish.”

According to Cécile Zarokian’s website, ANI“…was created under the romantic inspiration of a popular Anatolian folk song called “Sarı Gelin” (in Turkish) or “Sari Gyalin” in Armenian. ANI is an oriental fragrance, warm and spicy, with fruity, musky and woody notes.”

Right off the top, I can tell ANI is special. Bright crisp limey bergamot wrapped in watery green notes burst out of the bottle. Where am I…the South Seas, Madagascar? I’m not in Turkey! As I try to get my bearings a gust of fabulous spicy ginger and pink pepper takes it up a notch, forming a vibrant accord that floats through the green humidity, opening the path for dewy vegetal notes of vanilla to waft up, the exact scent of the pale yellow-green buds of vanilla orchid opening on the vine. 

As ANI begins its slide into the heart the vanilla accord slowly appears, and the peppery ginger makes room for cardamom and the delicious aroma of Turkish rose, slightly herbal and aromatic with a fruity earthy sweetness from blackcurrent. Vanilla owns the heart of Ani, but it’s such a unique and unusual vanilla when mixed with these other notes, not sweet and boozy, rather a subdued yet powerful vegetal vanilla, humming with energy from simmering spice and floral underneath. 

The vanilla accord sings in full voice in the base when matched with resinous and aromatic wood notes, like sandalwood, cedarwood and benzoin, which immediately give it depth and strength and warmth. The green notes fade, replaced by the sensual warmth of patchouli and the animalics, ambergris and musks. As ANI dries down, the vanilla becomes darker, richer and more complex, but still whispers its beautiful green-ness. The waft is deceptively soft and very powerful…a single spritz lasts on skin or clothing for more than twelve hours, so apply sparingly. Best of all, ANI is non-gendered perfection, not too sweet, not too floral, not too spicy or woody, just mellow and hauntingly beautiful.

ANI was created with a mission: create a scent that honours a place, its people, and shared traditions so that imagined boundaries disappear. Cécile Zarokian has created a beautiful fragrance through an inspired out-of-the-box interpretation of vanilla as the conductor of an olfactory symphony.

Notes:Bergamot, green notes, blue ginger, pink pepper, blackcurrant, Turkish rose, cardamom, patchouli, cedarwood, vanilla, benzoin, ambergris, musk, sandalwood

Type: Extrait de parfum

Parfumeur: Cecile Zarokian

Price: $7.00