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Aromatics Elixir

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This, my friends, is a PERFUME.
Bernard Chant, the nose behind the landmark green chypre, Cabochard, created Aromatics Elixir for Estée Lauder’s in 1971 and it was launched under her Clinique line. I’ve wondered for years what the hell  a line like Clinique, with its image of “clean, sterile, controlled” -  the Clinique SA’s still wear white lab coats -  is doing with this power-house, over-the-top intensely green and animalic chypre, and why does it still sell? It’s an odd marketing combo, Aromatics Elixir is rarely advertised, the simple bottle and packaging aren’t the attraction, but something has made it work for the past 40 years. It must be the juice.
Aromatics Elixir (AE) is a classic chypre, and depending upon your source, is a leather chypre, a floral chypre, or a woody floral chypre. You can see why it‘s difficult to nail down from the note list.

But whether it’s a leather or an aromatic or a woody chypre really doesn’t matter  – what is fascinating is the way Bernard Chant constructs his signature accord, the patchouli/moss/floral accord, surrounds it with masses of green herbal and woody notes, and ends up with an absolutely unique perfume, with an amazing sophisticated sillage. Be forewarned - a little goes a long way!

Top: aldehydes, coriander, chamomile, clary sage, lemon verbena, bergamot, Brazilian rosewood and geranium
Middle: carnation, tuberose, orange blossom, orris root, jasmine, ylang-ylang and rose
Base: sandalwood, patchouli, musk, oak moss, vetiver and incense.
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Bernard Chant

Price: $5.00